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Blog # 7

Hi Folks,


When I originally played around with the concept of gratitude, my first thoughts were, that I was supposed to be grateful for the fact that, “Jesus, died on the cross for my sins.”   I have my days at Holy Rosary Convent to thank for that, as well as, the fact that I had been born a sinner.   Can you imagine looking into the eyes of a child and believing with all sincerity that he/she has been born a natural sinner? 

So, there is no wonder that I threw the baby out with the bathwater on this one.  Gratitude had a religious connotation for me and since I moved more towards Spirituality and away from religion, I ended up losing some valuable life lessons and tools in the process.  And so the pendulum swings....
This is touching on what I believe spiritual abuse is about and how the religious indoctrination of a child can affect them.   Of course I knew how to say thank you, when appropriate and still do.

I started looking at gratitude seriously about a year ago and have been slowly reassessing what it means to me.  I wanted to know who or what I am to be grateful to....  since I am responsible for creating everything in my life.   While in search of more meaning to gratitude, a monk once shared with me that she was grateful to the, “All that there is.”   Now that was something I could sit with. 

Gratitude has become a bodily sensation for me now, I can feel gratitude in my body and it feels incredible.  It’s warm, loving and encompassing.  No wonder my vibration increases when I am in gratitude, feeling this good can only result in an increase in vibration.  Which must, surely mean that I am more aligned with where I am mean to be
At our chat one of our participants mentioned that she really liked the idea of Thanksgiving.  I suppose we could call it an annual ritual, and I don’t see any reason why one could not incorporate a practise of this nature into our lives. 

There was Gratitude expressed at our Chat, for the fact that they were not living with the Ebola virus and were not living in a war torn country.  This had me thinking .... are we grateful to ....................... for  ........................?  Or are we simply grateful?  If our being grateful is to Spirit for the fact that we are not suffering with the Ebola virus.  Then I am concerned that perhaps Spirit would not hear the word NOT.  It is my understanding that Spirit sees no negative only the positive  ... and that our communication with Spirit is done through emotion.  Which would mean that if I send a strong emotion with the thought of the Ebola virus I could well be creating it rather than being grateful for not having it.
A way to reword the gratitude felt in this case might well be; “I am grateful for the good health I experience every day.  And so it is.  Thank you.”

We speak of, “being in a state of gratitude”, “expressing gratitude” and of “feeling grateful”.  Why do we do it?  I suppose we do it for many reasons.  I like to say thank you when someone has behaved in kindness and with love towards me.  I am grateful when someone thanks me, for I feel seen and pleased that there is an acknowledgment and a validation, of the good intent of my actions.
Other reasons for expressing gratitude; is so that I can feel better, raise my vibration and for the purpose of manifesting.  Eckard Tolle says, “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”  He also says, “If the only prayer you said was Thank You, that would be enough.”

I noticed that this week that not much was actually said on our topics ....  and that’s ok.  I surrender and go with the energy flow of the Chat.   (Excuse the pun)  I will perhaps re-introduce these topics some other time.
Our topic for this week is:  SACRED GEOMETRY and if there’s time LOVE, as suggested by a lovely lady.  I don’t know much about sacred geometry, so I hope you do folks.  I will bring some literature and also examples of SACRED GEOMETRY for us to have a play with.  What I do know is that it lies in everything and is, what informs me that there is a greater, wiser and almighty presence in my Universe, of which I am a part.
For the topic of LOVE, it’s a word that is thrown around and over-used I believe.  And therefore it seems to have lost some meaning.  Love, to me, is a spiritual substance that I like to call God.  That’s one bit from religion I love....  don’t they say, “God is Love”?

Plenty to ponder......

Stay out of fear and fill your hearts and minds with Love. 
Until our next Chat,


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