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Chat @ Charli's Blog #6

Blog # 6
Hi Folks,

Our Chat topic was DREAMS.  Interestingly we spoke only of the kind that happens when we are asleep, as if it’s something that happens to us maybe rather than perhaps, “from” us.  Or perhaps OF us??    The kind of dream we did not speak of is the daydreaming kind....  “the stuff that Dreams are made of”.  Dreaming of overcoming fears, meeting the man of your “dreams” or of finding the “dream” job was not mentioned either.  Dreaming of a New Earth and how incredible it is going to be, could be a powerful creation
Instead we spoke of dreams that seemed to come at a time that we needed to be aware of something that was happening in our world, like how we are treating ourselves.  I found that I was not the only one that is always either lost or late in my dreams.  Vivid dreaming can sometimes confuse us about what is real if we don’t stay connected, grounded and aware.   We can use our dreams for guidance and healing
It is my current understanding that we astral travel when we are sleeping.  We do this to visit our realms and dimensions, for many reasons eg. learning, teaching, healing and recalibration.
And then there are the nightmares, the scary sometimes horrific dreams that wake you up crying.  I am yet to discover the gift that this brings.  I have experienced dreams in which I felt fear, just not what I would call a nightmare so forgive me for assuming that there is a gift in that experience, if you feel strongly that I am mistaken..

Fear is something that creeps into my mind and has me separating from my faith.  Sometimes I am able to notice it’s presence before it takes a stronghold.  If I don’t, it can take a few days to rid myself of it’s energy in and around me.  It was suggested that there are rational and irrational fears.  At the time I was not able to grasp the concept of rational fear but I have since found an example of what might be considered a rational fear....   We could also say that there might be constructive and destructive forms of fear.  Another great topic for a Chat!!  What I do know is that we are being warned not to go into fear.  It is important to be conscious of fear for it is the one sure way of being separated from Spirit.

So, sometimes it is worth looking at what’s missing rather than what’s present.  At the beginning of our chat we started with choosing a card with a single word on it.  The majority of people felt that their word depicted more what was missing from their lives rather than something that was present.  In my case the word was, “efficiency”.  Not a word I would use to describe myself with.  So perhaps it was trying to tell me to be more efficient.  The same with the absence of our mentioning at the Chat, that perhaps dreams can be about manifesting and that we could use them to empower ourselves rather than to accept that dreaming is something that happens to us.

We touched briefly on our topic for next week which is: GRATITUDE & SURRENDER.  I’m sure there is much more to be said on those subjects.  Can we still be powerful if we surrender?  If I surrender does it mean I give up?  Or as one has said, is it choosing the path of least resistance?  And then there’s gratitude... that’s one I have battled with.  I am now beginning to really feel gratitude and find it enriching to be in gratitude.  It also increases my connection with Spirit, for which I am .... you guessed it, grateful
When I align myself with the emotion of gratitude I remember how special I feel on a Thursday, when people like you come to co-create our Chat.

I Thank You for YOU.

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