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Chats @ Charli's Blog # 5

Blog # 5
Hi Folks,
First up it’s a big thank you to those that braved the cold rainy winter night to bring their energy, hearts, truth and vulnerability.  Please remember, that this is your space and that I am open to any suggestions on how your time at our Chat could be improved.
Our evening was packed with sprinklings of wisdom from all.  While our topic was, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” we touched on many other topics as we always do. 
What is good and what is bad?   Is a question I had on my mind when I first thought of the topic.   So many people say after a crisis or atrocity in their lives that it was the best thing that could ever have happened.  I understand that this is not always the outcome, and yet I definitely believe that there is always a gift that comes with the so-called, “bad”.  For example in my case, the chronic asthma I have had since childhood is what has taken me on my journey of spirituality and for that I am grateful.  There are experiences from my childhood that I would say, while having been exceptionally painful have also enriched my knowing and helped prepare me for being able to be of service to others.
In some cases people experience the book they are going to write, living the truth of their words.  This too becomes a gift to mankind by opening a door of understanding that would otherwise not exist.  This also gives others that go through a similar experience the knowing that they are not alone in their reality and that someone else has travelled in very similar shoes.
Perhaps you would say that having an autistic son might not be regarded as a good thing.  Not so at all, to those brave enough to seek and find the incredible gift in that very experience.
So far, the answer seems to be.... bad things do not happen.....  all that happens is good, if you are prepared to find the gift.
We spoke of suicide, now there’s a brave and interesting topic.  When you have experienced it with a family member or when it is a place that you have considered going to, it is no longer a concept it becomes an experience.   
Maybe we enrich global consciousness when we work through tough times and experiences.  Perhaps by finding the gifts in those experiences we assist others by having done some hard work on their behalf?  Does that make sense?  We are all connected aren’t we?   
Being in the flow or in the groove, are interesting concepts when we use them to describe our lives.  “The path of least resistance,” is how one of you put it.  I love those words.  Then a caring friend comes along and helps you see that you are in your, “sweet spo”t.  I suppose we could also say, let go and let God or surrender.  I can feel topics for another chat emerging here. 
Authority .... a subject introduced by a gentle lady in our chat.  How do we work with “authority”?   And is this an old programme, one from our school days or our childhood, in which someone with authority enforced their power over us?  It is important to recognise old programming as we discover what being YOU really means.  Am I churchgoer or not, do I believe in saying grace at the table?  Do I like celebrating Christmas and what does it really mean to me? 
Under our beliefs and programming that came from people with authority lies a true you to be discovered.  Keep discovering yourself!!!  Remember your beautiful heart is beating FOR YOU, is it not worthwhile discovering the true you?
Fixing those we love..  mmmmm .... now there’s a box of worms for some.  Perhaps true love is meeting someone exactly where they are and finding value in that.  Rather than focusing on how we would like to see their lives playing out.  Sometimes I think we can energetically take ownership of aspects that are then unable to be healed in another, while we are holding them.  Remember, while we might be seeing a “bad thing”, it might very well be ... as discussed earlier ... a gift.
We spoke of giving to others.  A beautiful soul in our chat, reminded us of doing unto others that which we would like done unto us.  Bringing the matter home to how grateful we would be if it was us receiving instead of giving.   And then is appreciation important for the giving we have done?  Or would that be considered to be manipulation?  I enjoy the connectivity that takes place when appreciation is demonstrated for my giving.  My heart opens when I give and I like to feel met, this happens by the person receiving my gift with an open heart of appreciation.  And now we have a connection.
Well fellow travellers, I have covered as much as I could.  Our chat was rich this week and I sincerely hope I have done it justice. 
Thank you so much for your honesty and your interest I am privileged.
Thank you also for the donations made.
Our topic for this week’s chat is:  DREAMS
Do you recall your dreams?  Why do we dream?  Do they mean anything?  Have you had any profound dreams, or recurring dreams? 


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