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Chats @ Charli's Blog # 3

Chats @ Charli's
Blog # 3
Hi Folks,
Our main topic this week was, “I really battle with meditation, and you?”  We had a look at some of the reasons to meditate.  Meditating ...I believe is creating a moment in time away from being busy and being OUTwardly focused. For some it’s about making a connection with a source of wisdom, a place to unload, surrender and ask for advice.  For others meditating is connecting with nature while going for a walk.  Other ideas that entered our space were meditating while driving... having no music or the radio playing, but being as present as you can while driving, and then, becoming aware of your breath - moving in and out.  There is much to be said about the breath and breathing.  And I would love to chat about this one evening.
As a chronic asthmatic I have focused on the not breathing more than I have on the breathing which I think is interesting.  In saying that, when I do think about breathe, I believe at this point of my journey of understanding, that the breath is the very embodiment of Spirit.  Maybe I should leave this topic for another time
I suppose for me the most important point is that meditation is, whatever works for you.  How long you or how often you meditate and even how you meditate is your business.  You get to design and decide what meditation is for you.  There is no right and wrong... only what works for me and what does not work for me.  And, what works for you might not work for me.  
We had a second topic this week.... it was;  Where do you get your security from?  Could be money, could be spirit, could be your partner or perhaps it’s electricity – lol (you had to have been there.).  Again it was a case of us doing it our way, finding security in a way that makes sense to us. Feeling, hearing and being in the wind is a very safe place for one of our participants.  For another it was about being in a certain place like, Bellinger. 
My security is Spirit.  My spiritual wisdom and my connection is where I get my security from.  It makes being in the world comfortable for me, without which I find the world a harsh and unfriendly place.  From time to time I wonder too far from my safe place and I get caught up in believing that money is what I need to feel safe.  Or that it’s about being in a job that I’m unhappy in.  When I forget where my true sense of security comes from and believe it’s anything other than Spirit, I’m left feeling vulnerable and fearful.
Are you manifesting the life you want? 
Maybe this is a long term project for some, but what about this moment, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW?  Some people don’t even stop to think about what they want other than what’s for dinner tonight.  Remember no one can do YOU better than you can.  It’s is your soul purpose, I believe for you to be as much of you as you possibly can, and to discover all that that means. 
Searching outside of your self and searching within, of course reveals interesting results.  Especially when we  understand that we get to make these decisions, and that perhaps parents, teachers, friends and mentors do not know us as well as we know ourselves.  How can anyone really know what makes your heart sing, better than you? 
I say thank you for the donations made and more importantly for your presence, which truly makes my heart sing. 


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