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Heart Healing Heart Workshops   
 “It’s not the mountain you have to overcome, it’s yourself.”
 - Sir Edmund Hilary
These workshops are organic by nature.  I work within a basic framework and the rest of the material comes from your life experience and mine.
 What you can expect.
  • an introduction
  • an understanding that you are not the only one who thinks and feels the way you do
  • the knowledge of how, the way you treat yourself, impacts you and your relationships
  • to hear about boundaries
  • how to make empowering choices
  • an offer to create more spiritual awareness in your life
I am currently not running a workshop.  Should you have an interest in attending a workshop of this nature, kindly contact me and I will call you when I am running one.
Dress comfortably - Cost $30.00 per workshop - All enquiries are obligation free and welcome.
phone Nicki on  0421 630 097                                          Back to WELCOME page  
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