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"I have known Nicki since 1977 and have been witness to her uncanny intuition and healing abilities since we were teenagers.  I have been fortunate enough to have experienced numerous healing sessions and have sought Nicki out in times of physical and emotional crisis.  I am always amazed by her ability to tune in to my emotions.  Her calming, caring manner makes every healing a nurturing, positive and invaluable experience. What distinguishes Nicki from many other healers I have come into contact with, is her connection with me extends far beyond the consulting room.  She is always on hand to offer gentle words of encouragement and empowerment."
"I have no hesitation in recommending Nicki Last to you as the most accomplished and generous of healers.  As a client of hers for a period of two years, I benefited enormously from her ability to care and nurture in a most clear and professional way. Her ability to “listen” to my body and to translate that into most effective healing and enquiry, I found very soothing. 
I would invariably leave my sessions with Nicki feeling calm and empowered. 
During my time with Nicki I sent along members of my family and various friends who all reported truly healing experiences."
"I had three appointments with Nicki over a period of time & what we unearthed was remarkable, she guided, supported & understood what I was going through.  What a difference it has made to my life I can not thank her enough.  I will continue working with her & can only recommend her. The work she does is truly amazing.
Thank you again Nicki."
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