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 What is Spiritual Healing? Spiritual Healing is the art of assisting the healing of the emotional, phsyical, mental and spiritual aspects by divine energies obtained by the attunement of myself through prayer and meditation.  I call what I do Spiritual Healing because I know the healing energy I put on offer to my clients comes from Spirit. 
How does it work? A human being has an energy field that surrounds them, that is a blueprint of their physical being.  I work with this energy field.  What is done to the energy field affects all other levels.  Divine energies are transferred from the spiritual level into the client’s own energy field or personal life force, and upon the person as a whole on all levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Imbalances in the life force are detected by myself and healing energy can be directed to these areas or a particular disease or ailment.  All this is done with the co-operation of any other treatment, whether it is homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture or that of western medicine.  There would be no need to cease any other treatment while undergoing spiritual healing. 
Is it necessary to have faith? No, but a strong desire to be well does help.  Spiritual Healing goes to the deeper levels of a person’s being where many illnesses have their origin (e.g. stress, tension and fatigue) so that symptoms disappear when the cause is removed.  Spiritual Healing is above differences in religion.  Putting up a barrier in your mind blocks the flow of healing energies, so let yourself have an open mind while waiting patiently and confidently.  Try not to feel angry and resentful about your illness or ailment and tell yourself that you are moving towards greater harmony of body, mind and spirit. 
What happens when I go to a session of Spiritual Healing?  I help you to relax physically and mentally and then allow the healing energy to flow to you.  This is achieved by me laying my hands either on or near your body.  The only clothing you would need to remove would be your shoes.  A client may sense the flow of energies as a feeling of warmth, coolness, a tingling or of relaxation. 
Does it always work? Spiritual Healing can hasten the recovery from serious illness, surgery, or the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.  It works well in conjunction with orthodox or holistic medicine. Sometimes one treatment is enough, but more often than not beneficial results appear gradually.  Clients receiving Spiritual Healing over a period of time usually feel relaxed and peaceful, both physically and emotionally.  This often applies even in cases of terminal illness where a patient acquires a serenity that brings comfort and peace through healing at spiritual levels. 
As a Spiritual Healing Practitioner I do not give advice which conflicts with that given by a doctor nor do I interfere with medically prescribed treatments. 
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