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Hi, my name is Nicki.  My journey started as a little girl in South Africa.  I constantly spoke to trees and plants and eagerly shared their stories with my mother, who duly punished me for lying to her. I was also a child who would not eat or sleep.  I ended up in the huge office of a child psychologist who basically informed my mother that, "there are not many of them, and you definitely have one."  Not sure if my mother quite understood what he meant by those words....I did.  I knew I was different.  It is that wisdom that has separated and united me with others in many ways.

I suffered with asthma, depression and addiction.  I learned to hide and deny my spiritual gifts and used unhealthy methods of suppressing my feelings and surviving ... until I immigrated to Australia in 1997.  Probably because I felt safer, my gifts started manifesting again.  I was first employed as a school secretary.  When children came to the office with ailments ranging from twisted ankles to high temperatures, I was able to either confirm or discredit them by feeling the energy above the ailment.  I thought everybody could do this, until one of the other secretaries saw me and asked what I was doing.

For as long as I can remember I have searched and researched for answers.  
Along my travels I have gained extensive knowledge in crystals, colour, meditation, numerology, counselling, coaching and spiritual healing.  I have become more and more acquainted with the Healer in me and I am constantly in pursuit of better tools with which to heal myself and others. I too am on a similar journey to you, and in many ways I am you on another day.
Amongst many others, I have studied with Doreen Virtue and qualified as an Angel Intuitive.  In order to understand the mental and emotional aspects of people better I completed a Diploma in Counselling.
As I progress along my personal healing journey I am able to understand that the hardships and difficult times are not wounds, but rather qualifications that few educational institutions can offer, for the work I do as a Healer, Intuitive Counsellor and Coach.  
N i c k i   L a s t
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