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In the Spiritual Realm there is no such thing as time and space. 
I am no expert on how or why this works and yet, I know it does.
How I know it works is through the many distant healings I have done and the reaction I get from my clients.
One lady I worked on was in the United Kingdom.  I was in Australia at the time.    Halfway through the healing I felt I needed to work on the other side of her.  I decided to just imagine that she had rolled over and I continued to work on her.
At the end of the healing, at an agreed time, I phoned my client and one of the first things she said to me was, "strange thing happened, halfway through I felt the need to roll over, so I did."
Well, that was proof enough for me. 
Should you wish to discuss my work with me, you can do so in confidence and free from any obligation.
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