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a typical session ...

There are two options:

Intuitive counselling


Intuitive counselling and energy work

The first part of our sessions would be giving space to your story and what you feel about it.  This offers the mental and emotional aspects of you to emerge and flow. It is also, in this space that we look at the most important relationship you have.....the relationship you have with yourself.  Choices that you might not have realised you have, are often revealed at this time in a session. 
The second part, if you so choose, is energetic in nature, during which I focus on your energy field.  Chimes, colour and/or crystals may be used to reinforce the work done on the mental and emotional aspects and to facilitate the healing of both the physical and spiritual aspects.
You will be given tools to facilitate your own healing.  I consider it my job to empower you in a way that you can become your own healer, and definitely your own best friend.
Telephonic support between sessions is available.

Should you not be able to afford a session I am willing to consider a donation.
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